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Monday, December 7
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

It’s Always Sunny in Miami: Florida Apartment Industry Outlook panel

By comparison and with some exceptions, Florida’s multifamily industry has fared well relative to other markets across the country. Many tenants have recently migrated to Florida due to the pandemic, and the state is almost entirely reopened and operating under a “new normal”. Meanwhile, regulation in New York and California is driving new investment dollars away from markets in those states to Florida and sunbelt states, leaving the state’s apartment industry in a strong position. And yet, Florida isn’t immune to problems. The hospitality industry has been hammered and may take as much as four or five years to recover, so markets like Orlando–which until recently boasted the biggest pipeline of new apartments–are continuing to struggle. We are in unprecedented times with few historical comparisons to rely on. What does the next twelve to eighteen months look like for multifamily investment and development across Florida?

Monday, December 7
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Florida’s Anatomy: Multifamily State of Market presentation

Recent economic, political, and health upheavals have rocked Florida’s multifamily market. In this session, Brad Hunter, a widely-followed Florida-based housing economist/consultant, gives his take on the events of 2020, how they impacted the apartment business, and what is likely to emerge for the industry in 2021. There are crucial differences in performance, risk, and future opportunity in different geographic markets, classes of apartments, and in urban versus suburban sites. Brad Hunter will discuss ways that some developers are adapting their buildings in order to deflect the contagion fears of would-be tenants. Household formation rates have already bounced back, so the route to success lies in capturing and retaining that demand. This presentation will spotlight some of the newest research on the multifamily markets, as well as some case studies, putting them all in context in order to help you think about your business’ risks and opportunities in the coming year.

Tuesday, December 8
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

Game of Loans: Multifamily Finance & Investment in a Changed World panel

In the spring, the pandemic had derailed most deals, with only the most motivated of sellers proceeding to close. Meanwhile, equity sources largely pulled back waiting to see how the pandemic, unemployment and reopenings will affect rent payments, rent levels and occupancy rates, among other key metrics. Now that we’ve seen that rent collections are much better than feared, buyers are re-entering the market, driving new deals forward, some at discounts and some at or above pre-COVID prices. Lenders as well are starting to re-engage at acceptable LTVs. What’s next for multifamily capital markets, and will there be special opportunities created by the pandemic? Join this special online panel to learn more about the state of capital markets, both debt and equity for multifamily deals across Florida.

Wednesday, December 9
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

Manager Things: Property Management Technology and Innovation panel

With the resurgence of infections over the summer, multifamily operators have been challenged to manage their properties safely amid the Coronavirus pandemic. New plans and action steps are emerging, and this session seeks to bring to the surface what multifamily operators are seeing and doing at this time, as well as how technology and innovation can be used to solve specific pain points.

Wednesday, December 9
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Keynote: Daryl Carter, CEO, Avanath Capital

Interviewed by:

  • Steve Witten, Senior Advisor to Chairman & CEO, Aimco Apartment Homes

Thursday, December 10
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

Breaking Ground:
Apartment Construction & Design Pandemic-Driven Challenges and Solutions panel

The COVID crisis has driven an enormous number of changes in the short term, but how many of these changes will become permanent? In the near term, construction projects have been greatly affected but not always for the worse, with increased availability of contractors and workers to get the job done. But, with the cost of lumber going through the roof and possible demand shifts in how apartments should be designed, the way forward is not an easy one. In the long term, developers and re-developers are rethinking how properties should be designed, as well as what unit mix makes sense in light of social distancing and increased work-from-home tenants.

Friday, December 11
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

The Cashflow Academy: New Tax Credit & Ancillary Income Opportunities workshop

  • Get the “Masterclass Playbook” on implementing enhanced Stimulus Plan offerings now
  • Learn how to maximize bonus depreciation, NOL carryback, immediate refunds and cash flow generators
  • Discover how you can monetize your apartment property rooftops with the 5G cell site installations
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