Look but Don’t Touch: Property Management Technology
and Innovation in a Time of Crisis

Thursday, October 29

With the resurgence of infections over the summer, multifamily operators have been challenged to manage their properties safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. New plans and action steps are emerging, and this session seeks to bring to the surface what multifamily operators are seeing and doing at this time, as well as how technology and innovation can be used to solve specific pain points:

  • How are rent collections doing by property class and location?
  • What has been the impact upon owners from eviction moratoriums?
  • How are occupancy and leasing numbers going?
  • What strategies are savvy landlords using to lease up new / vacant units?
  • Which suppliers are reliable sources of PPE equipment?
  • What contactless technology is working well for leasing as well as management?
  • How do operators keep track of competitors’ concessions in a rapidly changing market?
  • What do you do about tenants who stopped paying and won’t communicate?
  • Which changes to property management are likely to be permanent?


  • Kelly Blaskowsky, COO, Capstone Real Estate Services


  • JC Castillo, Founder & Managing Principal, Multifamily Property Group
  • Hugh Cobb, Principal, Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Service
  • Keith Dunkin, Senior Vice President, RealPage
  • Tammy Freiling, Executive Vice President, Kairoi Residential
  • Trey Lopez, Head of Property Management – DFW, Cortland

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Samantha Williams
Event Director

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